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We had a shooting day for Moyy Atölye products last February. We worked interior space because of the winter weather conditions. The photographer is a very good friend of mine Yasemin Taşkın who is the twin sister of another good friend of mine Elif, owner of zua cafe.We held the shootings at my home and my grandmothers old house where my mom was born.

Yasemin has a really good background about the connection between the textures and cultures because of being originally rooted here. so we photographed the products very naturally and as they are without much explanation.

Since the collection doesn't target any kind of trends or time zone, the shootings didn't rely on weather conditions.Summer photo shootings will follow in the future with more nature in the back ground.

My dearest friends Elif and Işık were helping a lot for the back stage preparations so i owe them huge thanks.Love working collective.


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