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Product Care

|    The purchased product are all handmade so they can be different.

|   All the garments are handwoven so texture may differ partially, this is not a flaw but it  is the character of the garment.

|  All the handmade products are washed with organic materials  by us.

|  We highly suggest to wash all the handmade hemp and wool cloths with organic  cleaning materials (detergant and soap) at 30 C at max and hang to dry.

|  Because of baby quilts and pillows are fillled with cotton, we advise you to rest them under sun time to time for air wash.

|  Hemp feretiko cloth will get softer and brighter as you wash them.

|  Porcelain is advised to be washed by hand.

|  Wood works just need wet cloth wipe to cleans.

|  People with the allergy of bee products must avoid using beeswax products.

|  If you follow the instructions your product will last longer.

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