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Taking the base Fırtına Valley as starting destination, the idea behind Moyy Atölye is shaped where Anatolia’s handcrafting meets the needs of contemporary life.

Under the roof of Moyy Atölye we produce notably Feretiko (hemp cloth) which we were researching for last couple of years, hand knitted wool products, hand made porcelains and woodworks created working with local crafters which can be legated for years to come for the following generations.

Once only worn by the elite in Ottoman Palaces, restarting the production process of feretiko, from the soil to the market is one of our goals in long run. Hemp is also crucial input of natural and traditional honey production. By achieving the feretiko production from the soil, we also wish to support traditional sustainable honey production of which Moyy Atölye is specially interested.

As Moyy Atölye, we suggest an alternative, fair and high quality production type to mass consumption patterns. The most of the products are the collective works of women of Hemsin region. Our objective is to strengthen the leadership of women in local development and support the local economy.

The product you purchased is produced by hand with care is something you will easily leave for the next generation while becoming a part of your daily life. We wish these products made with respect to ecology, other species and humans bring joy into your life.

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