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  • The Story of Feretiko

    Feretiko which is known as Trabzon Linen abroad, in Turkey Rize Fabric is a type of handwoven textile out of hemp threads in Eastern Blacksea Region. It's history goes all the way back to Scythians. In 1960s, before the introduction of tea farming to the region, every household would have a Feretiko loom to weave daily needed cloths. These garments made of hemp plant were used to make shirts, towels, underclothes and sheets. They were very popular because of no fuzz and fast drying sweat ability. During Ottoman Empire, not only royal residents in palace but regular people from humid regions also showed interest in them. The word “Feretiko” or “Forotiko” which means “fabric to sew clothing” in Greek of Blacksea dialect, in historic records it is mentioned as the dress of Goddess Attika, “fer-atika” the cloth that keeps her warm. The fabric of feretiko reflects the geographic traces depending upon where the plant is grown. For instance, high level of salt in places close to rivers and water streams plays significant importance in whitening of the fabric. In regions where the waters saturated with less lime defines characteristic feature of it. The climates with less sun and with lots of rain stop the fiber’s stiffening. That’s why the product is used in rope making in Kastamonu and in thread and cloth in Rize. The feretiko production is only limited to a handful of ateliers in Rize due to the hemp plantation ban by government and lack of finding raw materials. Feretiko cloth can be woven only 1 meter long in 3 days. The cloth is just 90 cm wide. These are the main reasons that feretiko production is not suitable for fast and large amount peoduction in textile industry. The final products of Moyy Atölye are made with those cloths in weaving looms to restart the agenda of feretiko’s production process starting from the soil and find its value that it deserves. The main advantages of Feretiko material: Natural and healthy cloth, no chemicals are used in production Absorbs sweat and exhausts Helps the body warm when cold and cool and breezy when hot Stops the unwanted body odor due to sweating Due to its texture, dissolves the accumulated electric of the body It is thinner and 4 times stronger than linen Shines and softens as washed Photography: Yasemin Taşkın

  • Botanical Artist Işık Güner

    Işık, originally graduated in Environmental Engineering, but instead she chose this entirely different path for her life and has been working full time as a botanical artist for over 15 years. She is very glad that she made this decision, though as the child of a botanist father and growing up surrounded by wild nature made her decision easy. Işık and I know each other since the childhood years we’ve spent in Fırtına Valley. When we were kids, vacations was all about chasing after adventures on the mountains. Even our parents immigrated to the cities and started new lives years ago, they still always kept us connected to our hometown village. As soon as the school was finished we were there for the whole summer vacation. When we have a chat over these years with Işık, we realize that this had always been a dilemma in our lives. Which one was the real world? Was it the life in crowded and loud cities? or just being in the beautiful mountains peacefully. These questions still chasing us. We live in a world which being in a permanent situation is meaningless. But still, we always search for a place for earthing and rooting ourselves. After years, when we started to choose our own paths in life as grown up adults, it was the nature and generally the village life was calling us. We decided to spend most of our times in Fırtına Valley. And years later, our paths crossed again with my childhood friend. I am a big fan of Işık’s works and have been following her for years. Being a botanical artist is not a very common profession in Turkey. Işık is one of the main pioneers in this area and I wanted to be a mediator to introduce her work to more people. She is drawing plants in life size. Here is what Işık tells about the collection that we are happy to sell in Moyy Atölye shop. This gallery only includes some amazing orchids which are threatened due to over collection. All paintings have prepared for a series of exhibition in China, to increase the awareness of protection of these species. All the samples are collected in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden in March, 2015 and have been exhibited in six different Botanic Gardens across China. Species are generally from Yunnan Province of China, but there are also some species from other countries of South West Asia. You can read more about Işık Güner on; Photography:

  • Backstage

    We had a shooting day for Moyy Atölye products last February. We worked interior space because of the winter weather conditions. The photographer is a very good friend of mine Yasemin Taşkın who is the twin sister of another good friend of mine Elif, owner of zua cafe.We held the shootings at my home and my grandmothers old house where my mom was born. Yasemin has a really good background about the connection between the textures and cultures because of being originally rooted here. so we photographed the products very naturally and as they are without much explanation. Since the collection doesn't target any kind of trends or time zone, the shootings didn't rely on weather conditions.Summer photo shootings will follow in the future with more nature in the back ground. My dearest friends Elif and Işık were helping a lot for the back stage preparations so i owe them huge thanks.Love working collective.

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  • İade ve Değişim | Moyy

    Returns and Changes The return of the product or the payment unfortunately will not be accepted due to change in mind. If the size don’t fit or production defect is spotted please contact with us to change the product. The products are to be replaced by us need to be sent back o us in 7 days after mail notification. The products must not be used, washed or tags must not be removed while returning. The replacement item will be delivered in max 8 days. There will be no return or change on discounted items. The cancellation will not be accepted after order. The adress for returned or changed items: Moyy Atolye Çamlık apt. No:18/27 Konaklar Mahallesi, Camlihemsin / Rize

  • Ürün bakımı | Moyy

    Product Care | The purchased product are all handmade so they can be different. | All the garments are handwoven so texture may differ partially, this is not a flaw but it is the character of the garment. | All the handmade products are washed with organic materials by us. | We highly suggest to wash all the handmade hemp and wool cloths with organic cleaning materials (detergant and soap) at 30 C at max and hang to dry. | Because of baby quilts and pillows are fillled with cotton, we advise you to rest them under sun time to time for air wash. | Hemp feretiko cloth will get softer and brighter as you wash them. | Porcelain is advised to be washed by hand. | Wood works just need wet cloth wipe to cleans. | People with the allergy of bee products must avoid using beeswax products. | If you follow the instructions your product will last longer.

  • Gizlilik Sözleşmesi | Moyy

    Confidentiality Agreement Moyy Atölye respects the privacy of site visitors' personal information. While browsing the site, your information is not collected except for the personal information you knowingly and voluntarily provide in order to communicate, consult or get offers. Personal information received from you will also be used to contact you and send offers. Moyy Atölye accepts and undertakes that it will not share this information with third parties and companies in any way. Moyy Atölye monitors the website you are currently visiting, as well as statistically the number of site visits, the total number of visits, the number of visitors to each page of the site, and the domain names of the visitors' Internet service providers. No personal information is used in this process. "Cookies" are used on the Moyy Atölye Web page. When you enter a website, the icon that the server gives to your browser is called a "cookie". Cookies can store a wide variety of data types. Cookies increase the functionality of a site and help us analyze the use of the site more accurately. Cookies never collect personal information without your express consent. Outbound links are available at . The outgoing links will be opened on the new page. is not responsible for the content on the pages accessed by these links.

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