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Who is making the products you buy, where and how?

When we look carefully, there are millions of products in the world that are produced for the various needs of people. The main topics of these are food, clothing and shelter.

Apart from that, there are also productions for people's personal interests, hobbies and jobs. Everything is thought, thousands of alternatives are produced or will be produced. There is an endless production and a wild consuming network has been created.

This situation is in such crazy quantity. There is no more space left for the waste of the products produced in the world.

We only buy, sell, the rest does not concern anyone.

We don't know what is going on in the background of this cycle and what are being sacrificed.

On the other hand, complaining about the negativities in our world is almost a common fashion. But we do not question our own actions and realize how we have contributed to this vicious circle, and what are the right things to do necessary for change.

Of course, we have needs and we cannot deny the existence of the phenomenon of shopping for centuries. But it is not sustainable to try to do this in such a brutal way. It is our natural right to question the way of production of the products we buy. Where was it done, how it was done, what happened while producing. Now we have to go back and look at these. We have the right to question everything but everything in clothing, food, life tools. I

If we wonder…

Why there is global warming, climatic disasters, why the lake is dry, the water of that stream doesn't flow like it used to be, why the fruit is not in that taste, even why our relationships are not the same.

We have to take responsibility if we're worried about a lot of vital issues. Even if we are not on the streets and we are not environmental activists, we must believe that we can create change with our own actions.

It is not easy for people to abandon their habits and to adopt new habits, especially if people are at a certain age. But it's not impossible. If enough effort is shown, a step-by-step change may occur. Even though we cannot change things all of a sudden, the effect of the different, small choices we make is enormous.

The second most polluting sector in the world is the fashion and textile sector. Yes, there were times when each one of us behaved in a thoughtless way But till when? While we witness such negative effects in every aspect of our lives, it is not wise to continue to live with the same thoughtless habits, not sustainable at all. At some point, if we want it or not, the world will force people to change. This change can be with great devastations and losses.Or we can start being mindfull and start the change our selves.


You do not have to buy any product that harms you and your loved ones, the water you drink, the air you breathe. Nobody can make you buy anything you don't want. This product is not produced unless you request and consume it, it's that simple.

In the past there was not much choice, there were certain products in the market . But now, we must leave the lie 'I am the slave of the system'. There are also people who make fair and clean production, other than those who produce just to make money and power by disregarding the resources of the world. We can investigate and make our preferences in this direction.

We're one of the fair producers. Our principles are, to give value to the people who we work with, use the right material, not to harm any part of living beings or nature. We want to make money from this product, yes, but what else do we want to earn other than money? Love, sharing, humanitarian values, women's solidarity, good memories, learning new things, blessings, unity, peace, fun, future, trust in the future. Does it make sense without these values?

This turning wheel is very boring and does not seem to too bright at the end. We must review our connection between the meterial and our souls. We should dare to look at the source of things we don't like. In recent years, natural, fair, organic, etc. production has been started to be so popular. We see them around us, many big brands leaving heavy waste into our world, now started to make ‘green’ production moves for reputation. Some, unfortunately, very very few, are sincere and genuine. For example; we very often see things such; x brand made a recycled meterial t-shirt, let's take it, z brand made collobration with african women and produced accecories, hurraa run.

It sounds good, but alongside it, millions of plastic and textile wastes are embedded in India's River X or the oceans meet the chemicals directly by producing thousands of polyester based products. We shouldn’t get into these traps. Yes,it feels so difficult like there is no escape. There's dirt all over evertything. But no matter what, our consciousness is in place and we should question as much as we can question, and go as far as we can go.

As for us, can we get out of this wheel fully in our own production process? We can't say yes if we're going to be honest. Our raw materials are natural yes, our way of production is fair and it aims to support the local economy. But for example, we are selling online and we have to use some packaging materials to send a product from one place to another. Or the product that you need to reach a car and the plane to reach you. We are considering about these issues constantly, how to create a more innocent shipment form? By selling only in a shop? Or by putting it on the train and the shipthat doesn’t exist in our country? Recycled packaging material? We're looking for a lot of solutions, while we're trying to make some profit, and we never stop thinking.

How do we manage to bring together more beautiful products and people with less damage? This must be the manufacturer's subject. And the consumers' problems; where does this product come from, and how ? Anything damaged during production.

We can start the change by starting to ask these questions too much and continue to support each other.

If we want change, it is in our hands .We just accelerate our end by just complaining and hold on to our habits that are no longer good. Sad, but true!


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