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The hand-knitted products that we have designed for Moyy Atolye are knitted by the women of Hemsin.

Hand-knitting is one of the leading crafts in this region. They usually knit socks because the weather in Black Sea Mountains cloudy, rainy and cold most of the time. In the past, socks were very valuable since they had to walk across mountains and hills, even when they were visiting their neighbors. The road is tough, the air is wet and the feet will probably get wet.

By tradition, if you were invited to a wedding in another village, a pair of socks would be given to each guest by the bride on the way back. A Hemsin woman, in her lifetime, has been knitting a lot of socks for her family and relatives, apart from her wedding day presents. Therefore, women living in the highlands of Hemşin became the masters of knitting. They have the ability of knitting when they are talking, doing something or even walking.These crafts and traditions were born entirely to meet the requirements of the living conditions.

The patterns are more graphical and vividwhich are not seen in any region of Anatolia. Some motifs are inspired by East and Far East influences. In addition to using the traditional patterns in Moyy Atolye, we also produce by re-adapting these motifs. In each piece you can see the cultural reflection, patience and love of centuries.


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