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Finally, Winter

Woke up to this in the morning!

It hasn’t been snowing properly in Çamlıhemşin last couple years, and we definetly know that it threatens the natural cycle of the mother nature. So as we were almost giving up hope, the snow landed on soil yesterday right before the spring. So the road to the center is closed. Nature is telling us to stop and breathe!

Where ever we are, we live the life as a race like it will never end! It looks normal to live the life like a fast forward movie and consume everything nonstop. But actually it is not! The story of moyy atölye is about stopping for a moment and breathing!

We now see it is possible to produce things without deadlines, timeless but for lifetime, slowly and thoughtfully. We are not panicking because of the heavy snow slowing down our things to do list, instead we're happy that the earth is relieved now with the snow and there will be beautiful flowers blooming in spring! So we are enjoying the last bits of winter.


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